Domingo Milella Again

Thursday, February 4th, 2010 - admin

Domingo Milella, ‘Cairo Copta’, 2009

Hippolyte Bayard has an interview with blog-favorite Domingo Milella which is certainly worth checking out.  He speaks about the state of photography in Italy as well as the nature of landscape:

A landscape and its own architecture often represent a vocabulary of human facts, dreams and illusions. I am mostly interested in the clear edge between the manufactured landscape and natural space. Consider the engravings of Saint Peter Basilica in Rome after its completion, for example. You can see a monumental piece of human history built right above the uncared soil, dirt, bushes and forgotten rocks. I am utterly fascinated by this contrast between cultural and natural, when architecture grows out of the earth. There is a sentence from the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben that I would like to quote in this regard:

“Only for an instant, like dolphins, human language puts its head out of the semiotic sea of nature. Yet, the human is properly nothing else but this passage from pure language to discourse; this transition, this instant is history.”

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