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Thursday, April 15th, 2010 - Nicholas Calcott

Women in bathing suit…
‘, from the University of Washington Flickr stream

Or rather, archives that I’ve recently come across.

The University of Washington continues to post selections from their archives on Flickr – They’re mostly photos of leisure activities in the North West in the 10s, 20s, and 30s (with alot of skiing and winter sports), but there are definitely some real gems, like the photo featured above. It makes me miss Washington State, actually.

Also, the London School of Economics has a kind-of-wonderful Flickr set from the 80s thats worth a browse if you like nerds. [via Photography Prison]

Also via Photography Prison, there’s a really really wonderful archive of African American photographs from the 1900 Paris Exposition.  In addition, Pete Brook just posted a link to Hidden From History: Unknown New Orleanians with some phenomenally interesting mug shots… And the UK National Archives.

Gerhard Richter also happens to have online 783 sheets of Atlas, his archive of source material that was presented as a fascinating exhibition a few years ago.  I’m usually a bit dubious of collections whose supposed value is conferred upon them by the famous collector, but Atlas is a phenomenally interesting archive.

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