Melanie Bonajo

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 - Nicholas Calcott

Melanie Bonajo
Melanie Bonajo, ‘Healing Machine’

So, a little while back I was researching a book I had seen at one of the fairs (I can’t remember which) called ‘Furniture Bondage‘ which definitely falls within the “new weird techno-spiritualist” (heh) genre of photography, and came across some of the artist’s other work, which I found myself (appropriately) weirdly drawn to.  If you read the title of the post, you’ll already have guessed the name of the artist (Melanie Bonajo), and though I can’t seem to track down a website for her, there are a couple gallery sites with her work (here, here, and here), an out of order collective site, and an i heart photograph interview.

  • Ari din
  • oohh please elaborate on the “new weird techno-spiritualist” mov’t…i think i know what you’re referencing but haven’t read any articles about the ‘school’. thoughts??