A Couple Days Late

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 - Nicholas Calcott

Bookmakers at Chateau d’Eau

Sorry I haven’t posted – I was down in Toulouse working on getting together the latest iteration of Le Garage.  Which, incidentally, has a new website.  Check it out at legarage.cc.

In the meantime, though, An-My Lê’s new show “Events Ashore” has opened at Murray Guy.  It’s work on the US Navy, that I first had a sense she was working on due to an appearance in her Art:21 documentary.  It seems a slight departure from her previous work (I find it less lyrical… or more, I’m not sure), but certainly worth a look if you’re in NY.

Also, Carly Steinbrunn of Le Garage showed me this absolutely delightful video about the festival at Arles. This isn’t exactly timely (Paris Photo is closer than Arles), but you gotta watch it if you speak French…

And finally, tiny little water creature photographs.

Next post: much less random, I promise.

Small Wars

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 - Nicholas Calcott

An-My L√™, from her book ‘Small Wars’

I saw a photo on the NY Times page that instantly made me think of Nick Ut’s iconic shot of the Vietnam war (interesting narration here, too). So, I searched it… And decided that they are not, in fact all that similar.

But somewhere along the way, I came across An-My L√™’s book ‘Small Wars,’ which I’ve seen and absolutely love. If you haven’t checked it out before, I urge you to go find it. It is such a great mix of conceptual, documentary, landscape, and etc. traditions in photography, all rendered in an immaculate, sparkling black and white.