Link Dump

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 - Nicholas Calcott

Miyoko Ihara (via Contact blog).  This one really pulled at the heart-strings.

So, as mentioned, with the return of fall comes a dump of some of the interesting links that I’d like to share without necessarily adding another word. And so, without further ado, in no particular order:

Blake Andrews’ has decided to teach photography
Rip Hopkins portraits of English living in France (via Hipolyte Bayard). This one kind of depresses me, for some weird reason.
Jacolette: a blog of Irish snapshots and vernacular photography.
Ben Quinton‘s ‘The British Abroad,’ about an English style school in the Rift Valley (via Prison Photography).
This photo that appeared on Contact.
The Morning News interviews Julian Faulhaber, who we’ve discussed before
Hein-Kuhn Oh‘s ‘High School Girls‘ (via The Sonic Blog). ┬áThis one gains added resonance in the context of this. And other things too.
The Burns Archive has a blog.
Toby Burrow’s landscapes. Want.
Phyllis Galembos masquerade work is absolutely astonishing for so many different reasons.
Tinyvices is on the iPhone and iPad. Interesting…
Oliver Farrnbacher‘s quiet work is satisfying, though not quite as ADD as I lean towards these days (via The Sonic Blog).
Motohiro Takeda, as featured on LOZ.
Vincent Fournier from Mrs. Deane’s Mars Week.
Bernard Voita (via Contact).
Ola Rindal, who I heard of from I-can’t-remember-where-sorry.